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Act Global Foundation creates awareness of the importance of a healthy planet, healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy communities.  Our work involves coordinating connections, supporting organizations, and identifying opportunities for active involvement in efforts that focus on sustaining a healthy planet, healthy minds, bodies and communities.  We can all be better when working together.  

Environmental Impact

With increased populations worldwide, planet earth is showing obvious signs of the impact our human ignorance has placed on the environments we have taken for granted for centuries. 

Physical + Mental Health

For the majority, our physical and mental health is directly tied to our diet - some of which members of various societies can and cannot control.   Access to nutritional choices, clean water, and  medical attention sadly remains a continued crisis for many.  For others, this access is not an issue but rather, it is simply the choices some make about their diets.  There are many choices that directly benefit or hinder our planet. 

This hindrance affects the physical planet which of course directly affects all of its inhabitants.  Changing climates are diminishing already sparse food supplies for the poorest.  This constant impact is increasing at greater and greater degrees.


Act Global Foundation emphasizes a plant-based diet.  Science has proven that in order to significantly reduce carbon footprints.  Humans desire to eat meat, fish, poultry and dairy products, has ignorantly consumed massive plots of land for grazing and the production of animal-based products.   

Global Citizenship

A global citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world and their place in it. They take an active role in their community, and active role in the communities of others regardless of geographical borders.  A global citizen believes in and is focuses on acting with others to make our planet more sustainable, more healthy and a fairer. 


Jennifer Macqueen
Founder & CEO

"Every one of us can do something every day, that makes a difference.  We need to lose the mindset that it will be handled by someone else - a new leader, a new organization, a new colossal effort.  We cannot assume that someone else will address these massive issues for us and solve the problems.  We need to dedicate ourselves individually, support one another together, and work on these crisis now."


Tye Iverson
Co-Founder & Program Director

" Today's young people are faced with challenges that no other generation has experienced.  Record high mental health issues and rate of obesity.  Addictions to drugs, technology and isolation from families and social communities. Daily headlines of a warming planet with an unknown future. It all seems unsurmountable.  We must support one another and work together to make an impact.  No single person, group, or country can do it alone."


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